Week 6 Term 4


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In Literacy these are the main topics this week.

  • Initial and final blends
  • Short and long vowel sounds
  • Vowel combinations
  • Spelling sight words, CVC words, words with blends and common vowel combinations
  • Identifying and verbalising reading strategies
  • Adding punctuation to our writing
  • Editing our writing
  • Revision for testing
  • Writing facts

In Maths these are the main topics this week.

  • Counting
  • Fair Sharing
  • Identifying Number Stories as Addition or Subtraction
  • Writing Numbers

Our Inquiry topic deals with chemical change.

We had great fun making volcanoes. Just wait until they erupt.

Our RE topic is about how my actions can cause a change.

We have made buckets and we are filling them with nice notes and pictures.

Crazy Hair and Sock Day



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