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Posted by leahmorgan | Posted in Welcome | Posted on March 4, 2014

Thanks for visiting the Prep GM blog.  May you enjoy sharing all the learning and fun in our class.


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To my friends in Prep GM,
You have been very busy this year, learning lots of new things and enjoying many exciting activities. It has been great to read about all this learning on you blog!
I wonder what you are most grateful for this year?
Have a super day
Mrs Engellenner

Thanks Mrs Engellenner. We have been very busy growing and learning. One of the newest things we are learning is – how to Blog!

I hope the preps know more about blog and Ihope you put up more blogs and get more comments
by Tyson Langsdon.

Dear Prep GM,
We enjoyed watching your video. You are getting better at blogging. We think a Blog is for connecting and communicating with each other. We also think it is for sharing things we have learnt in class.
Some ideas of things to put on your blog could be, some of the Prep’s work, more videos that you watch in class and some games that you have learnt so that we can play them at home or in our class.
Good Luck with your blogging.
From 1/2AC

Dear 1/2AC,thanks for you’re ideas for our blog. We are gradually learning how to blog. It is a great way of communicating. Regards PrepGM

i hope you like the blog it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from .Maeve 🙂

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